Sunday, May 31, 2015

It's been so long since I last sat down to write. We've been in San Diego almost a year now. I haven't made any new jewelry pieces and I haven't really spent any time writing since moving here. All of this "downsizing" to fit into a downtown apartment seemed like a great idea, but a year later I feel like I've given up so many things that made me me.

The first place we chose to live in San Diego has been a big fail. Nice place. New building, very fancy, great location. Here's the problem though...too many people with too much money and not enough maturity to deal with it. An example of the things we've dealt with in the past 12 months:

  • 20-somethings getting SO drunk by the pool that they walk around with certain body parts hanging out that, in polite society, are normally covered;
  • a total disregard for rules, such as "no dogs in the pool area" and "no dogs off leash," which resulted in Mike being bitten by an evil little mutt of a canine;
  • a sloppy drunk neighbor telling us how so many others in the complex hate us for getting the dog kicked off of the property;
  • same sloppy drunk neighbor putting the moves on me right in front of my husband (which, honestly, I didn't take seriously but it was still incredibly awkward);
  • garbage left everywhere;
  • dog feces in hallways (because entitled people apparently don't have to clean up after their pets);
  • and the list goes on.
Needless to say, this place hasn't been a good experience. 

Overall, San Diego as a whole has not lived up to the expectation we had when we moved here. Sure, it is beautiful if you like the majority of your year to be sunny. For me, personally, I like everything in moderation, to include sunshine. And like most cities, traffic is hell, people are self-centered, and the cost is beyond ridiculous. 

Not my idea of a "happily ever after" place.

It's been said that we haven't given the place a chance. I think we've given San Diego plenty of "chance." I'm not sure how much more chance I need to give it. I've lived here for a year, worked here for almost a year. Probably seen, experienced, and explored more of the city than many. We've certainly experienced more than the hipster bars of the trendy areas. San Diego has a lot to offer a snooty, entitled hipster. Or maybe a tourist. But not me. It doesn't have what I need.

And what do I need you might ask? 

I need....
  • seasons
  • less congestion
  • less expense
  • less "look at me, look at me"
  • more space
  • more time with my husband
  • less need to work
  • friendlier people
  • lake house
  • less entitled people
  • a yard for my dog
  • and that is just the tip of the iceberg.
All in all, we are not pretentious enough or materialistic enough for where we live right now. I'm hoping that moving outside of downtown will make things more bearable. But either way, I want out of here. I want to be far away from this place, these people...all of it. Mike and I are good with each other and with our child. We don't do well with others. Whether that is a good thing or not doesn't really matter - it works for us. We know this now and we accept it.

Bring it on - Tennessee, North Carolina, Pennsylvania...Thailand, Vietnam or Kuala Lumpur. long as it is just us, it will be good.